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  • Meet our Adaptogenic Elixirs.

    Made with powerful, high-performing, all-natural ingredients—designed to fuel you every day.

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  • WTF is an adaptogen?

    It's the buzziest new word you've been hearing everywhere, but what exactly are they?

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How to use our Adaptogenic Elixirs

1. Shake the packet (so all the powder goes to the bottom).

2. Tear, pour, and mix into coffee, tea, nut milk, warm water, or your favorite smoothie.

3. Sip & enjoy the magic.

  • “I need my Brain Buzz every morning! I love taking it with coffee and MCT oil–I feel super sharp and focused all day.”

    —Jen, Entrepreneur, 30

  • “Yoga In A Cup has helped me so much with my anxiety. I add it to my morning latte and I feel more calm and centered before tackling my day.”

    —Callie, Account Manager, 25

  • “I'm always on the road for work and have been taking Immune Shrooms in my coffee. My energy levels are high and I feel great!”

    –Jordan, Consultant, 34

  • “I add Supertonic Energy into my protein shakes after my morning runs–my body feels recharged and I feel extra bright and alert!”

    –Alisha, Nurse Practitioner, 27

  • “I've been drinking Yoga In A Cup every night with my gf after work. It tastes so good, I call it my liquid nighttime dessert.”

    –Vicky, Visual Artist, 23

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