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  • Elevate Your Daily Wellbeing

    Plant-powered Functional Lattes & Elixirs to fuel your mind, body, and soul.

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Real-life Experiences

  • Best thing in this world

    I never expected the flavor to be so rich and delicious. It literally tastes like dark hot chocolate with little marshmallows. I have never been more relaxed in my life.

    Alanna G. / Chill AF Cacao

  • A total lifesaver

    This has literally saved me during the past few months of lockdown. Really feel a difference in my anxiety and it helps ease my restless mind. Can't live without it!

    Danielle C. / Yoga in a Cup

  • The perfect pick-me-up

    The perfect morning or mid-day pick-me-up without them intense jitters from coffee! So easy to make or customize!

    Jessica B. / Matcha Brain Buzz

  • Mindblown!!

    Seriously helps me focus and stay alert!! My husband and I are both hooked. Can’t start our workday without it 🙌

    Aaliyah W. / Brain Buzz

  • My Daily Morning Ritual

    Every morning, I make an Immune Shrooms latte with cashew milk. I love slowly sipping it and feeling that I'm nourishing my body. It's delicious and I'm convinced it's keeping me grounded and healthy.

    Joyce W. / Immune Shrooms

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