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We’re a modern wellness brand based in Brooklyn, NY. We’re passionate about creating high-performance, plant-powered wellness supplements to help fuel your mind, body, and soul.

Our mission is to make wellness feel joyful, easy, and accessible for all–so you can focus on being your most vibrant self.

A Note From Our Founder

Hi, I’m so happy you’re here. I wanted to share my journey in wellness and why I created Wylde One.

Throughout my teens, I battled with disordered eating and body image. It took up much of my brain space. I severely restricted my calorie intake followed by hours of exercising and disordered behaviors, depriving my body of vital nutrients. It was a toxic relationship and one that stayed with me for many years.

As I started my career, working as a creative director in the demanding world of advertising in NYC, I noticed the habits creeping back. To keep myself going through the endless late nights and weekends, I was constantly overloading my body with toxic energy drinks and copious amounts of caffeine. I also continued to battle with disordered eating.

The combination of this took a huge toll on my body and mental health. I struggled with chronic fatigue, anxiety, digestion issues, and severe acid reflux. After several years, I hit rock bottom and I physically, emotionally, and mentally burnt out.

I was forced to overhaul my entire lifestyle. Through time, I adopted a holistic approach to wellness and slowly healed my relationship with food. I fell in love with using superplants and superfoods to nourish and fuel my body, which was a huge shift from associating food with deprivation and punishment. Over time, I experienced drastic improvements in my energy levels, anxiety, mood, and overall wellbeing.

I created Wylde One to share the transformative powers of these benefit-packed superplants and superfoods with the busy, everyday person like myself–and to empower everyone to feel amazing in their own skin.

I’m so excited for you to experience the benefits of our plant-powered wellness essentials and am honored to be part of your daily wellbeing.

With gratitude,
Stephanie Park

Founder & CEO