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Adaptogenic Elixir Set

Feel Your Most Vibrant You™

Our Adaptogenic Elixirs are smartly formulated blends of high quality adaptogenic herbs, medicinal mushrooms, all-natural nootropics, and synergistic herbs. Each of our Elixirs are designed to help you feel better, think better, move better, and help you bring out your best. Whether you're powering through work, fueling up for a busy day on the go, stressed the f*@# out and need some extra chill, or feeling exhausted and worn down—we got you covered. Try this Super Pack so that you can pick and choose any elixir as you need—and you know, run the world.

Includes 4 boxes: Brain Buzz, Supertonic Energy, Yoga In A Cup, Immune Shrooms. 12 packets per box (3g of powder per packet).


We're all sold out! and we'll email you as soon as we're back in stock.


  • BRAIN BUZZ: Boost focus, alertness & mental clarity.
  • SUPERTONIC ENERGY: Enhance natural energy & stamina.
  • YOGA IN A CUP: Relieve stress & anxiety and calm the body.
  • IMMUNE SHROOMS: Boost immunity, gut health & radiance.

How to use:

Mix packet into warm water, coffee, tea, nut milk, or smoothie. Stir, sip, and enjoy the magic.

Key Ingredients:

For more details on each Adaptogenic Elixir, visit each elixir’s product page.

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Adaptogenic Elixir Set
Adaptogenic Elixir Set

High on adaptogens